Catching up on the garden post

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog with a garden report, so here goes.
Last fall I had planted a winter garden and for the first time tried growing Romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, purple cabbage, and broccoli.
I was so excited to harvest heads of romaine lettuce; I harvested individual leaves of the red leaf. Both were very successful. I had fresh lettuce from the garden all winter long.
It’s May 2020 and I’m still shredding purple cabbage for my store-bought salads.

I also planted radishes and carrots. I had forgotten about them since they were across the yard from my other veggies. I may have forgotten them, but they didn’t forget to grow. I picked the largest radishes I had ever seen. The carrots never grew long; they were short and fat. Online, I found a delicious recipe for Creamy Radish Soup. I made it several times. Cooked radishes lose their hot, spicy flavor, which is a good thing—these were so spicy. When cooked, to me, they taste like cooked turnips.

Large purple cabbage
Large purple cabbage

This spring we’ve been filling up the raised gardens. Originally, we put bales of straw at the bottom, but loosened the straw. That was the mistake; by the end of the winter season, the soil that was placed over the straw had settled down. Our soil was at least one foot below the tops of the planters. So, we added topsoil, compost, and more topsoil. We are finally at the right height.

I’ll send pictures of the spring garden soon.