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Cindy’s newest journal in the Journaling with Jesus Series is Mary, Our Spiritual Mother.

One Journal - Three Cover Options

Cindy's Catholic-Christian Journal - The Bread of Life

The Bread of Life - One Journal - Six Cover Options

Why was This

Journal Series Created?

After using many “Christian-themed” journals, I began to yearn for one that focused more on Jesus, His Mother, and His teachings, particularly the sacraments He had introduced to His apostles.
What Christ instituted are the outward signs of inward grace for our sanctification—our means to holiness. These sacraments include Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion (the Holy Eucharist), Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage, and Holy Orders.
I hope my journals and the Bible verses I’ve chosen for them draw you closer to Christ through His sacraments and teachings.

How to

Use This Journal

This journal can be used as a guided prayer journal by meditating upon and responding to each of the 34 Bread of Life and other Eucharistic Bible verses, which repeat five times, or the 63 Mary, Our Spiritual Mother verses which repeat two times, or it can be used simply as a personal journal with beautiful Bible verses that will bless you each time they are read.

If it is used as a prayer journal focusing on the Bible verses, you will have an opportunity to go deeper in meaning each time you meditate on them, similar to Lectio Divina prayer.

Repetition assists us, for we know that even if we’ve read or heard a Bible story many times, each time we come across it again, our lives are in a new place. We’ve learned more, we’ve grown more, and we’ve experienced more. We’re not the same people we were before.

God will use His Word to speak to us wherever we are in that moment. However you wish to use this journal, come and see what God has to say and where He is leading you at this time.