Fighting Fear!

Sometimes I have weak faith, but it turns out that I’m in good company!

A few days ago, I blogged that if I had been one of the servers at the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee, I would have probably failed Jesus.

If Jesus asked me to take the water I just drew from the well to the headwaiter when he expected wine, I would have sheepishly found a way out of doing it. I wouldn’t want the headwaiter to be mad at me for making him a fool.

But since his mother, Mary, told the waiters to “do whatever He tells you,” I realize that she knows something about Him that I didn’t. Her faith in Him gives me courage.

In the Tuesday, Jan. 18th Mass reading, I found out I’m not the only one who reacts the way I sometimes do.

In 1 Samuel 16:1-13, Samuel is told by God to anoint a new king in Bethlehem.

His answer to God was, “How can I go?
Saul [God’s rejected king] will hear of it and kill me.”

It seems Samuel and I share fear of the unknown, fear of doing something stupid in front of others, and fear of acting unwisely in front of powerful people.

Of course, God prepared Samuel and gave him wise words to say if his actions were questioned.

In Cana, Jesus changed water into the best of wine right before the headwaiter at the wedding feast tasted the cup of water he was given.

I need to remember that Jesus had said many times, “Do not fear, I am with you.”

It’s reported that there are 365 Scripture verses against fear in the Bible. Is it coincidental that there are 365 days of the year?

I don’t think so. I believe God knows how weak we can be. Out of love for us, He offers hope against fear every day of our lives.