Modern Day Catholic Hymn Giants

Modern day Catholic hymn giants
Two of the greatest are a married couple linked to Oregon Catholic Press

By Cynthia Brewer

I wonder if anyone else experiences the same distraction at Mass as I do. Whenever a hymn is announced, I go to the page, find the hymn, and begin to sing when everyone else does.

But then, I glance over to see who wrote the lyrics and the music; then I look below to see when they lived, when they died, and maybe from what country the song came.

After glancing away from the song that many times, it’s obvious I’ve lost my place, and I’m no longer singing, unless I know it well. If I don’t know it, I might try to hum along, but by now I’m lost.

I get so fascinated by the lives of those who wrote the great hymns and their music and words, but I’m hardly musical. I played the clarinet in junior high and then switched to flute in high school, but that’s about it.

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