One of my favorite Gospel readings is also a reminder of how weak my faith can be, until I meet Mary

The Gospel reading for today, Sunday, January 16, is from John, Chapter 2, verses 1-11, the Wedding Feast at Cana in Galilee.

This event, the changing of water into wine, was Jesus’ first miracle. However, He didn’t want to perform it.

When his mother, Mary, told her son that the wedding party had ran out of wine, Jesus pretty much said, “Why are you telling me? It is not yet my time.”

Although Jesus didn’t feel it was His time to reveal himself to the world, He obeyed His mother’s wishes.

Mary knew how embarrassed this newly married couple would have been for running out of wine before the days-long wedding celebration was over.

 She was concerned for this young couple just starting out together in the world.

Jesus didn’t tell His mother what, if anything, He would do, but she knew her son. She told the servers to do whatever He told them.

What He told them to do was to take the six stone water jars, each holding 20 to 30 gallons and used for Jewish ceremonial washings, and fill them with water.

They did so, and then Jesus told one of the servers to draw out some and give it to the headwaiter.

The headwaiter was surprised how good this wine tasted. He called the bridegroom over and told him that “Everyone serves good wine first, and then when people have drunk freely, an inferior one; but you have kept the good wine until now.”

Jesus, through Mary’s request, saved this young couple’s wedding party from becoming a disaster. It was now the party of parties with more than enough real good wine!

This event not only announced Jesus’ first miracle, but it also fulfilled a prophecy from Isaiah 25: 6-9 where God would provide choice wines, pure choice wines, in abundance for his people.

Here’s where my weak faith steps in:

If I had been one of those waiters and Jesus told me to take a cup of this water to the headwaiter to taste, I can only imagine myself saying sheepishly, “No way, I’ll be fired!”

Obviously, if I were to show up to the headwaiter asking him to taste this drink, he’d be expecting that I had found some wine. If he had tasted water, which I knew it was since I just filled the jar from the well, he would have hollered at me for wasting his time and trying to ridicule him.

However, there is some hope for my weak faith. Remember, Jesus’ mother had told me (a waiter) to do whatever he told me.

That there would have given me enough confidence to do what I was asked, even if I didn’t know Mary or Jesus. Just the fact that his mother—another person—had confidence in Him, would have given me the strength. There is strength in numbers, even if only in thought.

Next time you need Jesus’ help, ask his mother, Mary, to request the favor for you. He never refuses His Mother.