Passover, Exodus, Continued Hope

By Cynthia E. Brewer

Moses was shepherding Jethro’s flocks on Horeb, the mount

A bush was burning, but not consumed; it must be taken into account

The Lord orders Moses to rescue His people from Pharaoh

Ten plagues will pass before he allows the people to go


All must eat of the sacrificial lamb it was said

Bitter herbs, no time for leaven in the bread

Eat with loins girt, sandals on feet, staff in hand

Hurry, for tomorrow they will worship in a new land


Use the lamb’s blood to mark the door

Splash it on the lintel and doorposts, from top to floor

The angel of death will call tonight

If the blood is not seen it must strike


Morning arrives they hope to leave

Four hundred and thirty years of enslavement without reprieve

They wake to the native’s wailing and grinding of teeth

Egypt’s first born did not escape the black night’s thief


Only those saved were Hebrews who ate the lamb,

Splashed its blood on the door, the children of Abraham

The saving night is called the Passover of the Lord

The miracle is recounted in the Torah, the Holy Word


Pharaoh’s son is dead, he demands that they go

Through a parted sea thousands tread where water once flowed

Once to safety with great thanksgiving they praise the Lord

The enemy follows but is swallowed up as a horde


The rescued fear starvation and death

Moses prays for them until out of breath

They are given daily bread, water from a rock, and evening quail

Amazed at first, eventually their awe will fail


Waiting too long leads to unfaithfulness and idolatry,

Moses comes from the mountain with hope, only to see depravity

In anger he breaks the tablets of saving laws

Seraph serpents bite with fanged jaws


In remorse the people finally repent

The Lord commands a bronze serpent to be spent

Upon a pole it is raised

Looking at it they are saved


God’s mercy is unfailing, he wishes to save

Twelve are sent to spy upon the land He gave

Milk and honey await, but in fear they see only giants

In Moses and their Maker they have no reliance


Only Joshua and Caleb believe the descendants of the Anakim can be beat

The Israelites wish to return to Egypt, preferring enslavement to defeat

With prayer Moses and Aaron implore mercy from the Lord

He decides one year punishment for each day the twelve explored


For forty years more the people wander like endless waves

For they did not trust the Lord, who only wanted to save

This generation dies from their lack of faith

Only their children will enter the Promised Land’s gate

How many still fear and despair

Even after experiencing His miracles everywhere?

When His people’s faith and trust are alive

His glorious promises continue to thrive