The UNEQUAL Equality Act


The United States will no longer be known for Freedom of Speech or Religion!

Children experiencing the confusion of puberty and a cultural whim of “political correctness” combine to erase how people have thought for millennia!  Is this something that should be enacted into U. S. law?

The Equality Act has already passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. It only needs the approval of the U.S. Senate to change the security of the restrooms your children will be using, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, and the words you must use if you want to keep your job.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic party is planning to change the way 328,000,000 U.S. citizens go about their business, speak, worship, care for their children, care for the needy, play sports, perform medicine—for the sake of 0.06% of the population that is uncertain of their sex.

The Centers for Disease Control report that about one million, or 0.06%, of the U.S. population identify as transgender. The World Population Review reports that the highest number of transgender adults is in D.C. at 2.77% and the lowest number is in North Dakota.

The Equality Act would:

  • require Americans to affirm sexual identity that goes against one’s religious faith;
  • force new language;
  • shut down religious adoption agencies and other charities;
  • set back women’s sports as women now must compete against participating biological males;
  • force medical doctors to perform sex-change operations, as conscientious objection will be outlawed;
  • require psychiatrists to affirm youths’ sexual dysphoria and treat with hormone therapy rather than counseling;
  • cause parents to lose custody of their children if they don’t allow them to have sex-change operations;
  • allow opportunities for sexual assaults.

It’s hard to believe, but such things have already occurred in states that follow such laws. Please write to your senators and pray hard!

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