Tulips in La Vernia, Texas

A couple of weeks ago, friends told us of a tulip farm in La Vernia, Texas. Tulips in south Texas?

But there is a new Tulip Farm in South Texas, in the little town of La Vernia, no less. And it’s a You-Pick Tulip Farm. Amazing. This little farm is an extension of Texas – Tulips in Pilot Point, Texas, near Dallas, an 80-acre tulip farm.

Tulips must go through a freeze to bloom, so I’m still investigating how they freeze thousands of tulips. They do have greenhouses in Pilot Point, so perhaps they have warehouses too.

Saturday, March 7, we went to La Vernia, about 100 miles west from Victoria, to check out the tulips. That was their last weekend open to the public since it’s been getting so warm. There was a $5 admission charge for adults, and you could pick tulips at a cost of $2.50 per tulip.

I just looked at and smelled the tulips, since Greg had bought me two bouquets for my birthday a few days before, and I’ve also got tulips coming up in our new raised flower beds. I froze them before planting them, and they’re about to bloom now.

The farm in Pilot Point will remain open until early April. Check out their Website at https://texas-tulips.com/ before you go. You can also purchase tulip bulbs from them for the 2021 season. Also the Dallas Arboretum has a fantastic bulb display in the spring. They have gorgeous gardens of thousands of daffodils and tulips in a beautiful garden setting.