You won’t see it until you believe it!

Is that right? I thought it was, “I won’t believe it until I see it.” That’s how I believed, or rather, didn’t believe.

Just recently, I read this twist of those words from Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Jesus – An Invitation. I thought that that was a nice concept and had to agree with his statement that what we tend to think we do. 

So if you think you’re going to miss a basket in a basketball game, you will. But it works the other way around as well.

Well, I tend to jump from one book to another and forgot about that book for a while until I went to the chiropractor this week. I know that if I get my hip adjusted properly my knee pain disappears. 

I went to a new chiropractor that was very thorough and made the right adjustments, but when I left, my knee pain still hurt.

After a while, I decided that I was going to trust God that everything will work out alright. So throughout that evening, every time I went up or downstairs (that’s when I get the pain), I just made a thought statement that I trust God that it will be o.k.

As I walked out the front door, down the four steps past my autumn colored chrysanthemums and pumpkins, I realized the knee pain was gone! Coincidence? 

Perhaps, but I sure enjoyed myself better, not worrying all night about a failed chiropractic appointment. Instead, I relaxed and trusted God, and I woke up just fine!

Truthfully, I believe it was more than coincidence, and if I can live happier this way, even if the knee pain reappears, I choose to live happier.

So yes, the title is right. “I won’t see it until I believe it!” And I’m going to start believing all the promises Jesus has given us in the New Testament.

Why not choose to live happier?